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Pure and luscious premium honey from Crete.

A raw, unheated* and unfiltered, limited-production honey from selected bee farmers in Crete. Nurtured by the warm and dry terrain of southern Crete where mountains and sea breeze merge, giving indigenous thyme a profound earthy aroma.

Every drop of Minoan Spora honey is made exclusively from unheated honeycombs, without any process, pasteurization or filtration, respecting the millennia-old tradition of the Minoan apiculture.

Allow yourself to be indulged in the rich thyme flavor and treat yourself to the quintessential food of the Gods.

* Unheated Honey : Minoan Spora does not undergo any heating and is protected from heat at all phases from collection to packaging, as excessive temperatures can destroy honey’s nutritional attributes. Honeycombs are 100% produced from natural wax cells.


In Crete, honey is usually served as a topping on Cretan graviera cheese (gruyere) or on delicious sfakiani pita (traditional cheese pie).

Try spreading Minoan Spora honey on bread and pancakes with cinnamon and sesame; add it in tea, juices and smoothies; as a topping on yogurt and fruits; in marinades for pork meat; or in salad dressings for an exotic flavor.

Honey crystallization is a natural phenomenon and an attribute of only pure natural honey. Crystallization by no means changes the quality of honey. Minoan Spora honey is an all-natural product therefore possible to crystallize. In such a case, fill a saucepan with water and heat it gently (up to 40°C) and then immerse your honey jar in the water for a few minutes. Minoan Spora honey will return to liquid.

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