minoan spora identity inspired by minoan jewelry

The artistic motifs decorating Minoan jewelry, revealed on frescos and archaeological findings, have become the Muse for creating the brand’s visual expressions. Inspired by their intricate combination of nature motifs and decorative elements, such as bees and flowers, the brand’s manifestation is based on geometric patterns and vivid colors, with the addition of earthy tones representing fertility and connection with the Cretan landscapes.

connected with nature

Minoans lived in harmony with nature and worshipped Mother Goddess as the protector of fertility and harvests.

They believed olive trees were blessed and sacred. They used their fruit and oil for nutrition, beauty treatment, skin nourishment, and ailment and for caring for the body after death. The olive tree and its gifts followed the Minoans’ life from birth to death.

Minoans were also masterful beekeepers. Honey was considered the food of the Gods. Symbolic depictions of bees were used in magnificent jewelry and on seals indicating apiculture as a high-status industry of the time.